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"Our goal was simply to find bottlenecks in our app and fix them. With the help of Scout, we're good to go!"

Benjamin Knofe, CTO of Gigmit

"Today's performance issues are nuanced and time-consuming to investigate. Scout is how we get our time back."

Andres Barcenas, Senior Devops Engineer, MDLIVE

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"New Relic is really expensive and I'm not using half of the features"

"With ScoutAPM we got a product we like better and it saves us 39% over New Relic — win win!"
— Brett Herford-Fell CTO at Print Speak

80% of the Features / 50% of the Cost / 0% of the Sales Hassle

Dramatically Reduce Infrastructure Costs


We speak with New Relic customers every week looking to switch and we always hear two things:

"Their pricing is opaque and renewal quotes are outrageous"

So, we're launching 80/50/0 to help New Relic customers like you, dramatically reduce your application monitoring investment.



Experience the Benefits of ScoutAPM

4.8/5 on G2    5/5 on Capterra

80% of the Features

Scout APM is better than New Relic in many ways. We help you identify and fix performance issues faster than New Relic. 

If you’re focused on tracking down N+1 queries, sources of memory bloat and other performance abnormalities in your app, we think you’ll find Scout’s intuitive interface superior.
But we’re not for everyone and New Relic is admittedly more feature rich than our focused approach. If you need one tool to monitor your application and a fleet of servers, you’re probably better off sticking with New Relic.

50% of the Cost

We’re a better value. Customers that migrate to Scout usually end up paying 40-50% less than they were paying New Relic. 

We have less overhead; no fancy offices, less marketing and fewer sales people. We can still handle billions of transactions per day, but we prefer to invest in our product and customer support/success teams. 

0% of the Sales Hassle

We’re easy to work with and don’t run the traditional sales playbook. To get a quote on switching from New Relic, simply send us the following information via live chat or to

• Current New Relic invoice
• Contract expiration date & cancellation penalty
• Your current daily transaction volume

You’ll receive a signed proposal within 24 hours. In the meantime, try Scout for free side-by-side with New Relic. And feel free to drop into our community Slack channel and talk directly with our developers. 

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Test ScoutAPM alongside New Relic for free.

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Easily track down and diagnose performance spikes, traces and database queries.