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Modern App Monitoring

Scout enables companies to innovate faster by highlighting performance problems, filtering out noise, and eliminating guess work.

"Our goal was simply to find bottlenecks in our app and fix them.With the help of Scout, we're good to go!"

Benjamin Knofe, CTO of Gigmit

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"Don't hire me. Install Scout. It'll tell you exactly which lines of code are causing your performance and memory woes."

Sudara WilliamsSenior Performance Engineer,

"Today's performance issues are nuanced and time-consuming to investigate. Scout is how we get our time back."

Andres Barcenas, Senior DevOps Engineer, MDLIV

Industry leaders choose Scout

Focused, clutter-free UI

Easy install

Affordable, flexible pricing

Scout is easy-to-navigate for everyone on your dev team. It highlights performance problems and filters out the noise.

No matter which language your app is built in, just require our library and deploy. There's no separate agent to configure.

With Scout's integrated transaction sampling support, you can tune your bill to your budget.

What else does Scout do for you?

See how performance looks for a specific user with Trace Explorer

Profile your app in development with DevTrace

Alert your team of capacity and performance issues

Identify slow, frequently-used database queries

Compare performance between deploys with Deploy Tracking

Stay updated on performance trends and outliers with the Digest Email

View your perf+error data in one place with our Rollbar and Sentry integrations

Send your performance metrics to StatsD-compatible systems with scout_statsd

Identify if background jobs are spending too long in the queue

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